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Now offering appointments in our Queens location

Now offering appointments in our Queens location at 116-15 Queens Blvd in Forest Hills. Dr. Zhang will be available on Thursdays at this location. Book your appointment now, call: 646-596-7386. /* */

High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation (Nevro HF10™ therapy)

What is High Frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation? Patients, physicians, and medical device companies are continuously trying to find non-narcotic solutions to chronic pain. Senza® SCS system, which delivers Nevro’s proprietary HF10™ therapy (Nevro Corporation, Menlo Park, CA) has been proven to provide more patients more relief in both back pain and leg pain compared with [...]

Platelet Rich Plasma Provided by Doctors at Hudson Spine and Pain Medicine

PRP, an enriched blood product — is an emerging clinical tool for use in a wide variety of medical applications. With PRP, blood plasma is concentrated with higher than normal amounts of platelets, which most famously play a role in blood clotting, but have also been discovered to release a multitude of protein growth factors [...]

A Focus on Continuing Medical Education

Research is vital to continually being on the front edge of medicine. With that principle as a guide, the multi specialty physicians and clinical staff at Hudson Spine meet bi-monthly to share their knowledge and review publications in major medical journals. In working with other leading physicians in their field, the team continues to expanded [...]

Now Available Onsite: X-ray Imaging

Hudson Spine and Pain Medicine is now offering X-ray imaging services right here in our office. X-ray allows us the technology to view an area where you are experiencing pain and assists in monitoring the progression of a condition or may measure the effect of a treatment method. Hudson Spine and Pain Medicine specialists are [...]

Hear our Neurologist, Dr. Risa Ravitz sharing Knowledge

Listen in to hear our Neurologist, Dr. Risa Ravitz Listen in to hear our Neurologist, Dr. Risa Ravitz sharing her knowledge with #LadyTwinkles and Ms P. on The NTuned Show today... #hudsonspine #neurology #nyc #ntunedshow #painmanagement #health #wellness #medicine #migraine Listen

Breaking News: Introducing Our Hudson Wellness Center

We have recently opened the doors to our brand new Hudson Wellness Center, a 3300 sq ft facility directly connected to our existing office which that offers comprehensive wellness, rehabilitation, nutrition, acupuncture/chiropractics, complementary and alternative medicine. We aim to combine both traditional and holistic approaches, Eastern and Western medicine This represents a very exciting new chapter for our [...]

The New York State Medical Marijuana Program

The New York State Medical Marijuana Program, commencing Jan 7th, 2016, allows patients to obtain marijuana for medical uses for certain illnesses. At Hudson Spine and Pain Medicine we are dedicated to providing the most advanced modalities of access for our patients. We are advocates of this new promising treatment that can potentially aid many […]

Breaking News: Hudson Spine Announces Interventional Spine Fellowship

Hudson Spine is very pleased to announce the establishment of a new Interventional Spine Fellowship, a non-ACMGE accredited program (2016-2017) located in TriBeCa, New York City. We are proud to provide true multi-disciplinary training and are one of the only private practice fellowships in New York City. Our facility is staffed with a dedicated group […]

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