Sciatica & Herniated Discs



Sciatica is when your sciatic nerve is affected and can result in pain on one side of your body.  Usually, a herniated disk, bone spur, or spinal stenosis can start crushing part of the nerve resulting in a damaged sciatic nerve.  Some cases with sciatica can be painful. However, with the proper treatment, most cases can be resolved in only a few weeks.  Those who have more intense cases could choose surgery as a treatment option.


You may feel pain from your lower spine to your buttock or down the back of your leg.  These are traditional signs of sciatica.  The pain can affect people differently.  Some experience mild dull aches while others feel jolts of pain.  A numbing or tingling sensation can also be experienced.

-Mayo Clinic Staff


The usage of drugs and medications such as NSAIDs, acetaminophen, muscle relaxants, and more could be used to treat Sciatica.

Epidural steroid injections also are an option to treat Sciatica.  Here, a steroid and local anesthetic is inserted to treat the irritated nerve root.  It helps settle any inflammation while numbing the pain.  This treatment provides fast relief for most patients.

Physical therapy could also be recommended to help regain movement and strength in your muscles while reducing pain.

Proper nutrition and exercise also is a positive contribution to resolving your Sciatica.

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