Spinal Stenosis



Spinal Stenosis is when you experience pressure on your spinal cord due to the narrowing of open spaces within your spine.  This can affect the nerves that go throughout your body including your arms and legs.  Usually, this is caused by normal aged related wear and tear or osteoarthritis.  While some may not notice symptoms or signs, others may encounter pain, numbness, weakness, and problems with their bladder or bowels.


Most people do not experience symptoms right away, even if there is indication that they may be suffering from spinal stenosis.

In the cervical spine or the neck, symptoms such as numbness, weakness, or tingling could indicate cervical stenosis.  Incontinence, cramping in your legs, and other discomfort when you lean forward or sit down can be experienced as well.


Spinal Stenosis is often seen when an event or occurrence results in the reduction of space available in the spine.  Some causes are:

  • Bone Overgrowth.
  • Paget’s disease is one of many diseases that leads to bone overgrowth. .
  • Herniated disks.
  • This happens when the soft cushions between your vertebrae dry out and allow some of the material to press on your spinal cord or nerves.
  • Bulging or thickened ligaments.
  • Ligaments in this state can also press into your spine.
  • Tumors.
  • These growths can press up against your spinal cord.
  • Spine injuries.
  • Commonly results from car accidents or falls, and can be attributed to spinal stenosis.


Epidural steroid injections, or ESIs, can help treat lower back pain, leg pain, or neck related arm pain.  A thin needle is used with help from an x-ray to navigate to the correct position.

Hudson Spine and Pain Medicine offers both New York spinal stenosis pain treatment.  Call today to speak to one of our spinal stenosis pain specialists!



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