Top 10 Physical Therapy Clinics in New York

Our team of specialists come from various backgrounds. For Pain Management, we provide the newest treatment modalities such as: X-ray and Ultrasound directed nerve blocks and injections, radiofrequency waves, spinal cord stimulation, and kyphoplasty for vertebral fractures. Our team of specialists are highly experienced and call upon multiple specialties in house to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for your condition. We have multiple physicians on staff at all times and provide same day minimally invasive treatment procedures here in our office with imaging guidance under local or light anesthesia. Together our experience is extensive – we see several hundred patients a month and treat all conditions ranging from back / neck / joint pain to the most complex pain syndromes. We also provide a comprehensive Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatment Program for degenerative joint and spinal conditions.


Jonathann Kuo, MD
Pain Medicine / Executive Director
Alexander Rances, DO
Pain Medicine / Medical Director
Tanuj Palvia, MD
Pain Medicine / Anesthesiology
Matthew Kohler, MD
Pain Medicine / Anesthesiology
Robert Zhang, MD
Pain Medicine / Anesthesiology
Dr Arielle Ochoa Fenig
Pain Medicine
Benjamin Bonte, MD
Pain Medicine / Fellowship Director
Martin Quirno, MD
Spinal Surgeon
Patrick Jean-Pierre, MD
Internal Medicine, Anti-Aging Medicine
Charles White, DPM
Foot & Ankle Surgery / Podiatry
Kristian Marcial, PT
Director of Physical Therapy
Diana Chen, PT. DPT
Physical Therapist
Monica Saliu, PT
Physical Therapist
Nathan Scott Duke, PTA
Physical Therapist Assistant
Oliver Grover, D.C. M.S
Chiropractor and Acupuncturist
Preeti Pusalkar, CN
Matthew Wert, MD
Teresa Bianchi
Interventional Pain Fellow

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